Chris Wallace Meets a Thinking Adult


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The Ariana Grande of News, Chris Wallace, has a hard time following the logical reasoning based on questions of a hypothetical he asked the adult in the room:  Jay Sekelow.  Wallace should know better, but alas, he doesn’t.

The whole point of the tweet by Trump was in response to the “anonymous” (hence likely fake) reports that he was under investigation–the can’t be this obtuse, but increasingly either they are, or they like playing the schtick.

#Never Trump # Never Right



This is excellent.

The current machinations from the media and the chattering classes could be quelled somewhat by a Republican Party who fights. But they don’t, and they participated by their non-participation that Trump was under investigation when he was not. Republicans also joined the left and the Democrats when they blamed Trump for his rhetoric and for the violence that some supporters engaged in, even when they were confronted with the fact that the Democrat party sent in goons to stir violence.

The problems with the Republic are great and deep, and Trump is but one man.

I don’t expect that there will be apologies forthcoming for these injustices to Trump – and therefore to the American people whose security depends on him. At least not anytime soon. The campaign to sabotage and overthrow the Trump presidency through slanders will continue. And its modus operandi will remain unchanged: Whenever Trump is attacked by anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans, he himself will be held responsible for the attacks, “his own worst enemy.” Whenever a blow is delivered to his presidency – and through his presidency to the American people – “he brought it on himself.”

Of course, he has not brought it on himself. Those who suggest he has are actually engaged in a great projection of their own failures.

Despite Somber Moment, Democrat Staffers Continue to Spew



It is rather sad that at last night’s baseball game, Democrat Congressional Staffers seemed to excuse the violence and what happened to Scalise by shouting the same invective that they have been for the last two years or so:

“We are showing the world we will not be intimidated by threats.”

So, the attempted assassination of Republicans is “showing the world”?  The Democrats do not believe in the unity rhetoric and have already continued their demagoguery that helped to foment what happened this week.


All the Unanswered Questions for Comey



DB Hawthorne writes two excellent pieces at American Greatness–the web magazine that is expeditiously becoming the flagship of the republic–asking questions that drop from the ceiling at his hearing.

It is remarkable that none of the Republicans have asked questions like, “why don’t you think Lynch obstructed justice as she directed you while with Trump you are assuming without a direct order?”

Did Comey Perjure Himself?



Primary Document: Comey admits at 3:34-3:35 that Trump DID NOT try to pressure FBI to drop any case.

So, 1) the “memo” is fake, 2) Comey lied and hence committed perjury, 3) Comey also committed a felony, 4) Comey never felt pressured and “memo” justifies Trump, and 5) a combination of any of these.

The media should never be trusted again fr what they have done in libeling Trump.