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Chris Buskirk writes an excellent piece at The Hill drawing our attention to the things that matter most–the heart and soul of the Republic.

Trump is not the cause of crisis, in fact he is a corrective:

Trump haters come in all shapes and sizes but one belief they all seem to hold in common is that the temerity of the American people in electing Donald Trump will lead, as night follows day, to a constitutional crisis.

What they missed is that the crisis is already here and it’s been brewing for years. It’s just not the one they’re looking for and, contrary to what Left wing commentators would say, Trump isn’t the cause of the crisis, he is the response to it.   

The fundamental issue confronting us is that the elites do not want the people to rule, thus striking at the idea of consent of the governed:

That’s the nub of the real political crisis: Elections. They’re messy and somebody has to lose. That doesn’t sit well in a society that gives kids participant trophies rather than teaching them how to lose with grace, which is why the attacks on Trump — which are also an attack on the 63 million Americans who voted for him — are nothing but a tantrum. It is a dangerous tantrum that threatens to further alienate voters who already think the game is rigged against them. At some point that alienation threatens to undermine the legitimacy of the regime itself.

The fundamental question of politics is always, who rules? Will it be voters acting in their constitutional majority or will it be ruling class elites who seem content to abide by election results only when they ratify the predetermined outcomes?

The attacks on Trump have not only that aim, but to stop his agenda:

The attacks on Trump aren’t about any real or imagined crimes, they are about gaining political advantage to stop the implementation of his agenda. In other words, they are politics by any means necessary: Burn it down, salt the earth, just don’t let Republicans enact their policy goals. And he wonders why voters turned on Hillary, turned on establishment Republicans and elected a man who promised to drain the swamp.

Yet all the allegations made by predominantly Democrats, are really projection of what they are doing:

And what of recent disclosures that Fusion GPS, the firm that created the so-called Trump dossier that was chock full of scandalous but wholly unsubstantiated allegations, was not only working for Trump’s domestic political opponents, but also for the Russians? For the past year we’ve been harangued with breathless claims that the president and his associates had struck a corrupt bargain with “the Russians” but so far the only evidence of an American-Russian alliance in political dirty tricks points to the Democrats. Funny that. But it is more evidence that the American Left has mastered and what psychiatrists call projection: If you want to know what Democrats are really doing, just look at the allegations they make against Republicans.

In the end, the people ought to rule by politics and right.  Trump’s success hinges on making sure the people’s choice wins out, and all of the allegations against him are turned on the real perpetrators.