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Over at American Greatness, the hits keep coming (in a good way) and Angelo Codevilla has written a piece about congressional recovery:

While this is consistent with the Constitution’s words, “no money shall be drawn from the treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law,” it wholly reverses their intent. Individual congressmen and senators are cut out of the legislative process. The voters can no longer hold each accountable. When Republican leaders make common cause with the Democratic Party against Republicans who won’t go along, whom they accuse of “shutting down the government,” they create a bipartisan ruling party. That makes both parties equally responsible, and ensures that changing your vote from D to R or R to D won’t make a difference.

Depressing.  But that i where we are, and it is unlikely to change.  The only way it may change is by the change in candidates and the wholesale turning out of the incumbents for representatives who understand what a healthy functioning Congress looks like.

That’s a tall order, but not impossible.