We meant to point this out earlier, but over the flap with President Trump over the continuing fabrication of news stories, Trump claimed that the news organization had not only failed to call his staff to get their comments (something that used to be required in “journalism” but that their ratings have tanked.  By the way, they have.  Can anyone inform me how a network should be taken seriously when they only pull between 190-300,000 viewers in a country of over 300,000,000?

At any rate, the network responded thusly:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.12.40 PM

A couple of things here.  As we already noted, even the being watched in their history, is is not impressive.  They run third consistently, and only get maybe 800,000 viewers a night (at their peak!)

But we also now know the network employed people who cannot write.  First there is an it’s/its problem.  The sentence is a possessive and its, not it’s, refers to the network’s rating.  Therefore, its rating, not it is ratings, is grammatically correct.

But wait there’s more.

“Those are the facts” is a numbers problem that begs agreement.  What the Democrat typist should have written was “that is a fact.”  The writer only wrote one fact, and that fact is not a “those,” unless the writer was speaking of many ratings, which the writer was not.

This network is not very careful and sloppy on nearly every level.