In response to the decision by the Trump Administration to calm the grandstanding waters of the preening mirror hogs in television media, the presser has gone offline to tv media.

This sent Acosta into a kidlet temper tantrum, where he, among other things, spoke counterfactually, as is CNN’s MO.

The big whopper told by Acosta is that the Trump move to not broadcast all TV pressers is unprecedented.  However, the facts are clear and Acosta once again has misinformed the public, whether it is on purpose or out of ignorance is the question:

The Clinton Administration did not like the way that the presser was going, and, ahem, shut it down.

This fact was not lost on Brit Hume who also added that the presser really is a show and not informative.  It never has been.  In fact, most serious reporters never really take the thing seriously.  No stories are broke in the presser.  Hume had to admit it was all about the media hound hogging the spotlight.  This has not stopped Acosta from heckling Spicer and anyone else for his divine right to camera FaceTime:

Jim Acosta and CNN are not reliable; they are trying to sell us on the importance of the press conference while not really telling us it’s not all that important.  This is what a privileged class does when they see their power being minimized.

In the presser with Sanders, a Playboy contributor went hysterical saying the media was only doing it’s job.  He took no responsibility for others in the room who had assisted or written stories that were fabrications.  In what has to be the most bizarre definition, this Playboy kid let went on CNN and contended that the media are being “bullied” by being ignored and/or called out for being “fake“.

Acosta in particular is untrustworthy, and so is his sloppy (at best) network.  That the media closes circle and defends their profession means they are complicit.