The WSJ gets another one wrong, but this is the norm for the media who consistently either 1) do not understand the president, or 2) understand him and purposely cast the most negative interpretation.

It is amazing how long Trump trolls the media, on purpose, to make one point, over and over again: the media are incompetent to report the news and when they try, it is all fake or propaganda. Here the WSJ believes the tweet on Comey “hoping” there better not be tapes caused a special prosecutor to be appointed. File this in the “Trump is his own worst enemy” folder. But, Trump’s tweet not only made Comey think twice, but it also flushed out he’s a leaker–in other words, it cause Comey to reveal more than he otherwise would have.  Trump is a genius. The WSJ editors are obtuse and completely miss the words in the tweet itself.  They ignore the words that “Comey better HOPE.” The focus was on Comey not on Trump’s assertion he had recordings.  To mark out the hilarity even further, the media spent days waiting to be thrown information about recordings because they thought it would be just like Watergate.  But Trump played them as he often does and they fall for it every time.  

Trump never said he had tapes, he wrote Comey should hope there were no tapes.

It’s actually quite plain and easy to see how Trump speaks and what his motivations might be. This is all lost on a clueless, agenda driven, press.