VDH has written what is most likely the best political commentary of the Trump tenure to date.  The piece is not so much a plan for Trump to see his way through the leftist attacks upon his person and his character, but it is a detailed disgust of the fact that the left is a hopeless faction bent on destruction.

As an institution, Republicans win Congress have aided and abetted the left in their attempts:

Since January 2017, the Congress ceased being a legislative body. It is now a Star-chamber court determined to decapitate the presidency.

Never in the history of the republic have there been so many legislative and political simultaneous efforts to 1) sabotage the Electoral College, 2) sue to overturn the presidential vote in key swing states, 3) boycott the Inauguration, 4) systematically block presidential appointments, 5) surveille, unmask, and leak classified or privileged information about the elected president, 6) nullify federal law at the state and local level, 7) sue to remove the president by invoking the Emoluments Clause, 8) declare Trump unfit under the 25th Amendment, 9) demand recusals from his top aides, 10) cherry-pick sympathetic judges to block presidential executive orders, 11) have a prior administration’s residual appointees subvert their successor, and 12) promise impending impeachment.

The party has essentially become a crime family:

Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch established the precedent that it was permissible for a sitting Attorney General to meet privately with a spouse of a high profile subject of an ongoing investigation by her own department, and to call in the Director of the FBI to ensure that his own then current investigation of the presidential candidate of her party did not imperil her campaign. In sum, Lynch should be the subject of a special investigation to see whether she habitually obstructed justice during the 2016 campaign.

James Comey leaked a privileged document via a third party to the press in violation of FBI protocols and possibly the law. He too should be subject to federal accountability, along with his purported acquiesce to demands from Attorney General Lynch to massage his investigation of Hillary Clinton. Never has such a congressional witness so incriminated himself in his efforts to incriminate others.

The largest scandal in our time comes from the Obama administration, and likely Obama himself:

Most importantly, the House Intelligence Agency must press ahead with investigations that members of the Obama administration may have improperly or even illegally surveilled political opponents (often under the guise of reverse-targeting them) unmasked their names, and leaked the information to the press in efforts to harm them. Those findings also should be given to a special investigator. The most explosive story of 2016 was not collusion or obstruction, but reported Obama administration efforts to interfere in a political campaign by subverting federal intelligence agencies while breaking the law.

The biggest scandal that eclipses Nixon is the fact that Obama and his administrations wire tapped political opponents under the guise of national security and then unmasked names in order to destroy political opponents.