American Greatness has a timely piece on the violence that the left has engaged in.  We might make the argument that their continued tolerance and advocating for violence, makes them a faction.

With all of this in mind, I predicted a couple of weeks ago on a syndicated Florida radio program that there would be substantial violence. When people are taught to disrespect every single element of our political culture, and when they are told unceasingly that their political opponents are “Nazis! Nazis! Nazis!” it’s not surprising that some guy would pick up a rifle and go shoot the House majority whip—after ascertaining that the gaggle of congressmen into which he’d be firing were indeed Republicans. (I have not seen anyone list all the participants in the ill-fated baseball practice, but besides Senator Rand Paul, I did see Senator Jeff Flake among them. If not for the presence of Scalise’s bodyguards, the Senate majority probably would have flipped parties.)

We have as yet no indication that Democrats are going to revert to normal political behavior at this point: argue against Republican positions in measured tones, compare their preferred policies to Republicans’, vote against proposals they dislike on the floors of Congress, and campaign hard in the next election. If “Resist!”—more the slogan of an authoritarian movement than of a republican one—remains their byword, we may well see further violence. Alas.