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It appears there is a lot about the spying on Trump that exceeds in exponential ways, anything Nixon could have deigned.  Powerline notes here the issue:

We are now starting to get a picture of how sinister this whole Democratic Party misinformation campaign is. Through the last half of 2016, the Obama administration was desperately searching for evidence of some link between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia. They went to the length of seeking (twice, reportedly) and finally obtaining a FISA order that allowed them to spy on at least one insignificant Trump associate.

In addition, we now know that Susan Rice headed up an operation whereby raw NSA intelligence was sifted for names of Trump associates, no doubt in hopes of uncovering dirt of some sort.* And we also know that these efforts came up dry. The Obama administration found no compromising information about Trump or any of his associates.

Nevertheless, ever since the Inauguration the Democratic Party, especially its press wing in Washington and New York, has relentlessly pushed the Trump/Russia story. What story? There isn’t one. But that hasn’t stopped Democrats in the press from talking about little else for the last three months.

And yet, all along, the Democrats have known that their spying produced nothing. This whole story is almost unbelievably sordid. The relevant Congressional committees should investigate thoroughly, and criminal prosecutions should follow where laws have been broken.

Though Powerline does not really note it, we should point out that the press has always known these reports of collusion were false.  They have seen the leaked document so they knew.  yet, they continued to carry water for their party.  They thus slandered and libeled Trump and his administration.  The complicit media did not care and hence furthered the fake news story Trump had something to do with the defeat of Hillary–whose actual vile and violent nature had more to do with it as we learned yesterday.

It appears with every passing day Obama and his administration broke the law.  Prosecutions should follow.