As noted here, the media is all a twitter because they cannot control who can write the news, and who has access to elected officials.  It appears they reserve that privilege for themselves, and loathe competition.  But underneath all this is a despotic desire on their part to not only assure unlimited speech to themselves, but to control it in others.  They further reveal their hostility to liberty by now wanting to control access as a part of the protected class called the media.  It’s astonishing in its myopic arrogance:

“This is a conservative outlet,” protested Michelle Kosinski, a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for CNN, referring to IJR. She added, “For the White House, or whoever made this decision, to choose an organization that is not part of the pool and is an obviously conservative website or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t that narrow the message and not broaden it? And what message does this send to the American public and the rest of the world?”

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