Especially the Fox Panel, as noted here.

The Fox Panel is barely watchable anymore, except to entertain ourselves on who will say the next obtuse thing–like last night when Krauthammer said, “there was no surveillance of Trump and he will have to admit it” or some such. Followed by, “there is no document we will find that said the FBI tapped Trump.” I had no idea he had such omniscience, because, of course, there was a LONG paper trail when CREEP broke into the Watergate. And we only knew about that breaking because the committee first went through all the proper channels to secure a legal breaking and entering. 

Does Krauthammer really think we are supposed to take his Schtick seriously anymore? Does he really think that a “Deep State”–who has broken the law by leaking information–would not, oh I don’t know, go all legal on us when deciding who to surveil? It defies rationality.

Last night Brett Baier fell all over himself explaining that HE never meant to say Trump was wire tapped. HE was nearly reporting what others reported. It’s not like HE believed any of it. HE was just doing good journalism. No what you were doing Brett was making a mockery of journalism and stretching the purpose of the First Amendment, but thanks for trying to pass your self aggrandizing schlock off on us.

In the end, we may well find Trump was more right about his tweet on the wire tapping that we were all were assured was “TRUE” only a month ago. To assert anything other than “we don’t know yet, but it certainly is plausible” Trump was marked for political hackery is to live in a bubble where failed conservatism and economic free market fairies still live–like its 1980.