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It is no surprise for many perhaps that college camp have been cesspools for groupthink, totalitarianism in thought (and sometimes a physical despotism against anyone who disagrees).  Case in point is what is happening on Americas Mothership of whacko leftism, UC Berkeley.



The language is most violent, false, and hysterical.  They call Milo a fascist despite the fact that they actually portray themselves as fascists. Their words convict them.  They are no promoters of freedom; they are incapable of reason. The term fascist gets thrown around a lot by the left to demean and slander their opponents, but it most fits the left.  Note:  they believe he should be silenced….EVERYWHERE.  That’s totalitarian and dictatorial.

Fascism may not be the most appropriate descriptive for them, but totalitarian certainly fits.  The left engages in book burnings these days and they find this acceptable behavior on college campus.  They just cannot stand an opinion contrary to their own (something we have noted here is bigotry).

Milo is a provocative guy, but he hardly engages in violence or calls for it like these people noted above.  Indeed, even if you consider yourself not a fan if his, you cannot say he is unintelligent. He at least has arguments worthy of consideration: