The WSJ has become the “free market” equivalent of CNN.  In this imbecilic editorial, they fault Trump for not believing in Free Markets and compare him to countless Dems (and Nixon!) who came before him for giving tax breaks and incentives thus causing business to make “non-economic decisions.”  Dumb and misleading.  Why?  Because NAFTA nor any free trade “deal” was done in the spirit of free trade.  WSJ cared not about that then.  Part of the deal with Carrier is to REMOVE regulations.  You’d think the gigantic minded elites at the WSJ would, you know, give a nod in that direction.  They don’t.  We did not get here in a day, and the Democrat enslavement of America and business to incentives and deals has to go away, but it cannot all at once.

Why does the WSJ think it’s ok to move jobs to our competitors only to put our country out of work and harm our national security because we want cheap goods?