With the demise of the Journal of American Greatness, we have its resurrection in the American Greatness blog.  We regret on a certain level it is not an anonymous blog, for there is a value to posts not connected to specific people.  It forces us to deal with the argument made in print.

However, that there are actual authors linked to the articles in a public, and manly manor, we are appreciative of the display and the thoughtfulness of the effort.

Every citizen of these states should read the “Declaration of Independence from the Conservative Movement.”  Of many thoughtful lines is one like this one:

Today, movement conservatism offers the American people not a choice, but an echo of the Left. Because of this, American Greatness is not an alternative to movement conservatism; it is a refounding of a distinctly American conservatism based upon the self-evident principle of human equality and the rights that flow from it. Just government exists to protect and promote these rights and is therefore necessarily limited, constitutional, and republican in its form.

The notion of “conservatism” (a useless word if there ever was one) has decayed in the pursuit of factional politics:

We hold that America—much like movement conservatism—has lost her way. The nation has succumbed to  division and faction, infected by the insidious and  foreign virus of identity politics which has robbed Americans of our true identity as one people. We’re undermined further by an ever-growing centralized administrative state, which robs us daily of the opportunity to participate in governing our own lives as free and equal citizens under the rule of law.

Government has grown remote, unresponsive, and increasingly unaccountable. While many movement conservatives acknowledge these problems, they have failed to persuade a majority of American voters. What’s more, movement conservatives remain stubbornly unpersuaded by voters’ plain rejection of their solutions.  To their credit, the American people have, through common sense and hard experience, rejected the lie that their opinions about their interests and the laws that govern their lives are irrelevant. Likewise, most rank and file conservatives are unimpressed by the half-measures offered by a conservative movement that is more about conserving itself than conserving the people’s sovereignty.

The authors at AG tackle the messy problem with the word conservative, and ask the appropriate question of what it is we are trying to conserve.  The authors list trade, and immigration of course, as well as the deeper currents noted through Harry V. Jaffa as the Conditions of Freedom.

While we might quibble a bit wit the notion of assimilation as stated in the AG blog, it’s concern for the fate of the Republic is indeed something that should be considered–in its effectiveness, just who is not assimilated, etc.  The conditions of freedom demand an assimilation but on principles that perpetuate the Republic’s longevity.  Among those are the notion of enlightened consent.

We applaud the Greatness blog.  Welcome Back!