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The magical exoneration of Hillary Clinton by the FBI Director is just one more in a long line of fixes in a rigged game.  And make no mistake, this was a fixed game in Clinton’s favor.  What is astonishing is that the rigging was so open.  Clinton verifiably lied several times about the use of the email, then lied about others using email, then lied about classified emails, then lied about the nature of the investigation.  Obama said she would not be charged in an interview.  Then, Bill Clinton boarded the AG’s plane, and then Comey came out and cleared her name.  However, one revealing comment deserves note:

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

So, to be clear, others will be charged for doing similar things, but not Hillary Clinton.  That’s corruption; that’s a fixed game in favor of the strong and powerful.  Let’s be also clear, Clinton was fired as counsel during Watergate because she lied, but not the least was her arguments to deny others their Constitutional rights.  Ironical isn’t it?

To Clinton’s credit, she understands Machiavelli better than the Republicans who want to lose cheerfully.  And the last few days have moved at break-neck speed:  “for injuries done all together, so that, being tasted less, they offend less…” [p. 38].  Clinton understands one thing, to end the drip, it needed to happen now despite the appearance of something akin to the Black Sox Scandal.

Let’s keep in mind that while Comey did criticize Clinton, he never actually looked for the real scandal:  Clinton used the Foundation to fleece the public, take money from foreign governments, all at taxpayer expense, in order to secure her own political fortunes, and the monetary fortunes of her family.  Much of this money came from third world states, and states with connections to terror.

Even Chris Cilizza’s response is tepid, though he thinks it is bad for Clinton.  But in all of that, he means her campaign not the Republic.  This is a sad day when we are more concerned with her campaign than, say, the health and stability of the United States.

These are extremely perilous times.  We just celebrated our Independence, and the news was littered with what passes for smart journalism deriding this nation.  One, in the LA Times, called the flag a “rag.”  How nice, and how revealing.

It may not seem like the two events go together, but they do.  A Republic, once the affections for it become weakened, lead to the distant end of a Republic.  In this way, the #NeverTrump crowd are no better than the left.  In fact, they are the useful idiots of the left.  These are your new “Unpatriotic Conservatives” who essentially side with the left in order to effect a personal distaste for Trump, as if Hillary is better.  But they spill more negative ink on Trump, and essentially ignore the crook in the race: Hillary.  To think what they might accomplish if they kept their eye on the ball?

But the demise of the rule of law, and the support of those who would thwart the rule of law, go hand in hand.  The tolerance for those who would, end the regime and hence, the rights of others, is nothing that we should stand for as a people.  What Comey did today was hand the Clintons, and the Republic, a defeat, and it’s a defeat that could, we hope, play into the hands of Trump, who will be center stage tonight in my former hometown, Raleigh, NC.

Trump is justifiably on the offense here.  What we need now is a defense Greatness that is based on the Laws of Nature, the rights of ALL, and the rule of law, absent a mobile aristocratic elite.