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In what can only be called an irresponsible statement with a political motivation, Stephen F. Hayes last night on Fox said that Donald Trump was suffering from a “Tin Ear” and that he was tone deaf in his reponse to the Brexit vote in Turnberry.  He could not understand why he would spend so much time talking about himself, or Obama during the presser.

Hayes is no dummy, so he must have had an agenda.  In the age where almost everything may be verified in minutes, we went to the tape.  Hayes could not have been more wrong in his misleading of the audience last night.

Trump went to Turnberry to support his kids in an event being held there.  It was ONLY when the press asked him about Brexit, and about how Obama wanted to move England to the “back of the bus” and what he thought of Hillary’s comments, did Trump say anything about Brexit.  He was superb in his response, and in his defense of the best ally of the United States.  Watch it for yourself:

the first thing to note, is that Trump gives press conferences.  Hillary?  No candidate has been so open to the press and the public as Trump has.

In the presser, Trump calls out Obama and Clinton for their tired old arrogance that they know better than the average person who does not benefit from a system set up by oligarchical elites.  He also speaks in a nuanced way about why Brexit passed.  It is more than borders, or immigration, but also about economics and freedom.  It is about independence.  The people are tired of being managed by a distant and careless elite.  Smart, and also true were his words, unlike the hysterical Christiane Amanpour:

That’s right, all the smart people are saying this is a disaster, and since the smart people are smart, why, the rest of you must be racists.  It must be nice to live in such a simplistic world.  Yet the world is not simplistic, it’s difficult.  And political philosophy, and politics is hard, very hard, to get right.  Nearly nobody on TV or in the media punditry gets anything right.  Their lecturing the voter about what is and is not moral or acceptable, is part of the reason that they are all so astonished at the results.

But the smart people in almost every “class” are getting it wrong and got it wrong.  And their thuggery is not fooling anyone:

Brushing off those opinions was exactly what Leave intended to do and, ultimately, succeeded in doing. As Leave saw it, those whom Remain called “experts” were nothing more than what voters in a more democratic age used to call “bosses” and “elites.” The conduct of the EU’s leaders provided eloquent proof. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker spent half his time urging Britain to unite with its European partners in brotherhood, love and solidarity; and half the time, warning that, should it decide to leave the EU, he would personally see to it that the country was chopped off at its knees. What is more, he insisted, there would be “no kind of renegotiation” of any agreements on immigration even should Britain opt for remain.

Brexit is the UK version of people taking their consent back.

While we noted yesterday that Trump hit the rhetorical sweet spot, we find that when Hillary did speak she said…we really cannot decipher what she said:

“We respect the choice the people of the United Kingdom have made.  Our first task has to be to make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in America.  We also have to make clear America’s steadfast commitment to the special relationship with Britain and the transatlantic alliance with Europe.  This time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the White House to protect Americans’ pocketbooks and livelihoods, to support our friends and allies, to stand up to our adversaries, and to defend our interests.  It also underscores the need for us to pull together to solve our challenges as a country, not tear each other down.”

Now we see what she said and it’s all in the last sentence.  She did what the arrogant political class always does:  call the voters stupid and racists when they don’t act in accord with their version of history.

But this is a train that the likes of Obama, Clinton, and the chattering classes like Stephen F. Hayes, can’t stop.