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A few points about Donald Trump’s speech today.

  1. He fights.  Unlike any other candidate, Trump says what we all know, and are all thinking.  He speaks to us like he’s with us at the kitchen table.  This is not a negative—I know to our “elites” it is—but it means he is able to communicate with the voters.
  2. Trump lays into Clinton with truthful charges of her character.  This is exactly what’s needed, not some hit her around the edges criticism you’d see with any other candidate.  Clinton is weak, Trump will make sure the voters know just how weak she is.
  3. We have made the case that Trump represents a return.  This return has been not only one meant in the Constitutional sense, but also in the sense of the Founding, and the proper understanding of Equality noted in the Declaration.  Comments he has made over the last year lend evidence to that fact.  Here, Trump lays out his appeal to the Founding in terms of economics, and why he believes from Washington and Hamilton, we need to “protect” or create jobs here, not export them.  Free trade that makes and creates wealth at the top (something Hillary supports and wants to continue), while harming the vast number of Americans, is not FREE trade.  It is a serious argument, and one that in just two sentences, reveals that Trump is a deeper thinker than Hillary (and her entire speech yesterday).
  4. Yesterday, reports were made that Trump believed we need to stop self censoring in the pulpit, and he correctly noted that this was an LBJ reform to monitor churches, and shut down political speech.  He said, he wants to do away with that and free religious expression.  This is significant.  Here is a story from February on that point.  Want to know why evangelicals and other religious people support Trump? It is because for the first time, a Republican has said, “I’ll defend and protect you.”