We have been busy here (we being me and my staff of volunteers who help me look things up) Making American Great Again, and we have not been as attentive to recent developments.  Then we woke this morning with a few minutes on our side, and checked out the JAG.  Shocked we are that they have quit, and they wiped the site clean.  Here is the final post:

Notice to Our Readers

The Journal of American Greatness began some months ago, to a large extent anyway, as an inside joke. At a certain point its audience expanded beyond any of our expectations. It also ceased to be a joke. Thus it no longer makes sense to continue it in its current form. No journal is meant to last forever, and this one won’t try to. We’ve decided to call it a day.

The inspiration for this journal was a profound discomfort with the mode of thought that has come to dominate political discourse—an ideological mode that makes nonsense of the reality of American life. The unanticipated recognition that we have received, however, also makes clear that many others similarly felt the desirability of breaking out of conservatism’s self-imposed intellectual stagnation. Should any such market for our ideas exist in the future, we may participate in it. But we will do so in a different way.

In closing, we simply want to thank our readers—we never expected so many of you—who made this extraordinary adventure possible over the last four months.

Before anyone gets their “I Told you So’s” out, let’s make one thing clear:  this was a team blog and a team effort.  As such, and since we do not know who the authors are, we have no idea the “reason” for shutting down.  We have no idea if they all decided to quit, or just a few.  We also do not know if JAG will come back in some other iteration.

Despite the line that the blog was a “joke” the author, who did not bother to sign his/her pen name, betrays the work of many of the authors.

JAG was no Joke. It was never a joke, and could not therefore, have ceased to be a joke.  Indeed, read my favorite author Decius, and you will know the immense amount of thought and learning that went into each posting.  A piece of writing that takes America, Leo Strauss, Harry Jaffa, and the like seriously, and in a thoughtful way, is not a joke.  It was a serious explication of current events in light of timeless principles.  We are reminded that even if there was some playfulness to JAG, Plato wrote there is a seriousness to “play.”

So, while there is nothing funny about the last—dare we say cut and run—post, JAG was a serious blog taking Trump and Trumpism seriously.

Perhaps we will be able to repost some of their posts here.

Stay tuned.