While we have been away, and we have been literally not in contact with civilization very much the last 2 weeks, we noticed the ever prolific authors at JAG, and Decius in particular, responded to our gentle criticism.

We accept JAG’s explanation without question.  We did not mean to say that JAG was labeling Trump a Caesar, even though the reference appears in paragraphs related to Trump. The references are not a positive comparison of Trump/Caesar, but more of a negative one:  it is unlikely that Trump is Caesar is how we read it.  We should have been more clear.

My response to the Sulla reference was in light of Trump, and the reason for that is because there have been many since Trump announced who are otherwise rational creatures calling Trump a Ceasar, Hitler…you get the point I’m sure.  It is interesting to say the least that seemingly intelligent people have no idea what ancient history is or what happened.  Decius and JAG are NOT in that category.  Most of those slandering/libeling Trump with the Caesar moniker are #NeverTrump who are #NeverRight.  So we reacted here in light of those realities, and tried to direct attention to a more Americanist authorship—Publius—to provide a more solid basis as to what some of the Founders believed tyranny was, and what it looked like.

So for JAG, thank you for the post!  And thank you for all you do.  We find JAG is the most worthy of commentaries in the modern era, and we also hope for their success because the old right intellectual classes have failed us, and failed us miserably.  Watching Jonah Goldberg on Fox the day that Trump secured the nomination made many of us think he needed a Xanax.  At least one thought he looked so bad, he needed Thorazine.  Many have no idea what is happening in the current political climate.

Time to turn to those who do.