Secretariat circa 1973

If only Secretariat and his owner would have won without “whining” and “screaming” and was not “so afraid” of the “challenge” from his “opponents.”  I heard things similar about Trump last night.  Trump derangement syndrome is a reality.  The more he wins, the more they decry the sorry state of the “Empire.”  Yet no-one criticizes a real horserace when the horse wins.  Such is the difference between the human things, things that are not.  Politics is hard, and political philosophy is even harder, to comprehend.

Last night represents a monumental development in the Republican race nomination.  Immediately the Never Trump/Cruz/Shake and Bake/Neo-cons for Hillary/Neo-cons for (insert any general here), came out and criticized the thundering win with the dilettantish comment that, “who cares about the liberal northeast?”  Those damn liberals in the New England states.  I bet they possess “New York Values” too! The derision of the Northeast and their fellow man in the New England states is so illogical that the actual people–you know human lives of people who LIVE there–are cast off as inferior and unworthy of our respect, much less care for their plight.  We would surmise that if Cruz would have swept 5 states, they would have all of a sudden uttered praise for the eastern seaboard as finally coming to their senses.

For the first time in decades, Trump has put the Northeast in electoral play, and that will force the Democrats to campaign in the area that was once a “lock” for them.  Not that the national polls matter, but even now Trump is in a dead heat with Clinton, and has crested 50% in other polls.  The most formidable reality is that Trump will be the most popular vote getter in Republican history.  I am sure the #NeverTrump folks will not reference the latest polls since those polls do not favor their agenda, which is no constructive agenda as it’s one of loss and the permanent minority.  Still, the national polls are meaningless at this point.

Trump represents, as we have written countless times, a change and a necessary one. He is not perfect, nor is he the reason for our support.  But he is the only one making the effort to persuade the citizens, which means he takes consent of the governed seriously.  He is no dictator, nor is he a preacher, he is a political man with high ambition who, for the most part, tries to reason with the public.  The simple fact is, he is the only one who expresses Trumpism.  In that we welcome him.  Republicans have caused the opportunity for someone like Trump to thrive.

We are criticized appropriately so, by thoughtful people who think we equate too much of Trump and Trumpism.  That answer is not so much and, of course!  On the one hand Trump is the person who has given rise to political expression that he represents:  the idea of Trumpism is bigger than the man.  On the other hand, Trump is the ONLY candidate–the only political official?–who gets it and is expressing it.  Without Trump there is no Trumpism. I think that’s fairly obvious given they both share the same name.  Still, we, and others, are pushing the limits and boundaries for trying to understand the broader elements that have made Trump the most formidable candidate in modern American politics.

Reagan was wonderful in many respects.  He was a bit of an outsider and expressed conservative ideas that had been around for decades.  He challenged a feckless establishment three times and won on the third try.  But what happened after Reagan?  It all collapsed.

Trump has the same appeal that Reagan did.  Though it’s a bit premature, what in the world happens to Trumpism after Trump?  Reaganism had no one who was prepared, much less who was actually a serving political official, who could step into his shoes.  Is there anyone like Trump with his political skill and uncanny instinctual ability to keep the political political–not some vehicle to preach and sermonize to the lowly masses?  One reason Cruz is losing is because he sounds like a preacher moralizing over us all on issues that even the Republican party abandoned or did not fight to preserve.

We are also happy that Trump is not becoming more “presidential,” but he is certainly becoming more serious.  He is, again, not perfect, but perfectly quaffed hair, nails, and wearing the perfect Flusser informed suit combination, has been rejected.  He needs to keep his edge if you will in order to remain connected.  If he becomes too tame, Clinton will eat him alive.  But Trump is his own man, and we hear Manafort now understands that very fact.

Trump is the presumptive nominee.  Not even the Cruz shaman show of announcing Carly Fiorina as his VP will save him. So, just wait:  Trump will likely liquify Clinton, and, we think, have a very good chance to become president.  The time to start thinking about the formal agenda (Trumpism) and who will possibly step into the space he created (Trump) is now.