In the WSJ here, two authors contend that professors who are right of center usually keep their mouth shut and lie about their political opinions.  No kidding.  But this is the case even at religious universities where the trend to watch out for those who depart from the doctrinal line are excoriated and run out of the academy.

The authors make this suggestion:

Colleges ought to experiment. The University of Colorado-Boulder has, since 2013, appointed a “visiting scholar in conservative thought.” Another idea might be an exchange program. What if the conservative Hillsdale College and the liberal Williams College swapped a professor or two for a couple of years?

We are of the idea that this is a bad idea.  First, no college would agree to such a professor sharing agreement.  Most colleges are hostages of the left, and the thought, the mere thought!, of a Hillsdale professor at a typical university would be opposed by the faculty and the administration.

What is needed is a new consortium of loosely affiliated conservatives in a center-right coalition.

It’s time for the right to give up on the established academy and form their own.