The troubles for WLCC multiply and worse is on the horizon.

The faculty ousted Robin Capehart, and then the Board of Governors chose an inferior replacement to the cheers of the faculty senate.  We were reminded of the detrimental effects of these facts this week.

First, many professors on campus have stopped me to disclose that the Provost, McCullough (the eternal second) and the new president Stephen Greiner are now going to kill the math major. This is the sole responsibility of the present administration.  Capehart cannot be blamed for this elimination (nor is he to blame for the closing of three buildings on campus). At a time when the country lacks civic education and is suffering in math and the sciences, WLCC contributes to the decline of western civilization by eliminating another core of liberal education.

Yes you read that right.  No math major at a “university.”  This development is especially egregious for a state/public college has the responsibility to the state to teach students in order to obtain or maintain a competitive edge.  WLCC has given up on its mission and duty.  Even if Jaime Escalante was in charge of the Math department, no doubt the administration at WLCC would fire him and show him the door.  No Ganas.  Math joins sociology, Music (marching band) and political science as majors no longer offered at the colege.  We are forced to ask, “when do welding classes begin?”  Hey at least WLCC still has that Comic Book Major!


Second:  It gets worse.

In the March 15 faculty senate minutes, President Greiner made these astonishing statements:

State Funding: Dr. Greiner reported that he has met with all our representatives in the State Legislature. “How can we help you?” they asked. “Money.” “There is none” came the reply. (The State is not balancing its own budget and likely will pass the deficit on to State agencies.) State funding has been cut by 4% for next year and we can expect an additional cut of 6.5%. Once we were at over 50%, but now our current coffers consist of 18% state funds—“a state stipend”, Dr. Greiner calls it. Senator Kessler believes the solution is/was the proposed cigarette tax.

[Faculty Senate Minutes March 15, 2016 Page 7- 2]

In response to questions, Dr. Greiner told us that there is a lobby of state higher ed. and presidents of college and universities for more state funding. In addition, Dr. Greiner said he would be glad to talk to all the other presidents regarding sharing library resources and research contracts when he meets with them on April 1st.

There are several false statements in Greiner’s report.  The first is that the state passes on the deficit to the “State agencies.”  Greiner appears not to know that as a state agency, WL is a part of the government.  As a part of the government, it is subject to the budget constraints of the state.  Therefore, it is disingenuous and untrue that the state is “passing on” anything.  Second, does Greiner know that the state is required Constitutionally to balance its budget?  Does Greiner know that as a state agency he has the responsibility to help the state balance its budget?  Does he know that as the head of a state agency, he is solely responsible for the choices of how and what to cut?  It appears the answer is no because he blames the state for his woes.  Sounds familiar, like North Carolina.

What is Greiner’s plan to counter the budget mess at WL that the faculty and staff created?  To hire a lobbying firm!  How much will that cost?  What is the plan to get WL out of the hole it dug itself?  It has none.

The minutes also note that enrollment is down again at WL.  How much more will it decline?  We have already noted the declines since the faculty and staff went public in their toxic determination to attack the college.  The declines continue because of their efforts.

Just before the elimination of Math at WLCC, Greiner, McCullough, and Crawford (the Provost) eliminated Music!  As noted in the faculty senate minutes, the Provost said publicly, “WLU is committed to private music lessons.”