On the surface WLCC looks like its function is business as normal.  Everything is ok now.  As noted last week however, this is a mirage.  Despite some propaganda from certain faculty members who supported the ousting of the former president, and despite the party line from the administration, things are even more terrible at the college.

It seems the ousting of Capehart and numerous administrative staff who supported him, has not solved the problem.  Why?  Because the problem belongs to those who remain.  More correctly, we should say it is caused by those who remain.

Last week, we were approached by yet another faculty member of some note who said s/he was “doing everything I can to get out of here.”  This person added, “I have actually been trying to find another job for two years now.  I only hope that I will not be here in the fall.”  Why?  Well, because of the environment of course.  This person also wanted anonymity because of the terrible atmosphere caused by the faculty and staff who are bent on ridding the college of anyone who disagrees with the approved political ideology on campus.  Anyone who deigns to contradict the ruling paradigm, is ostracized and shown the door.  At the very least promotion and a simple desire to do one’s job is complicated to have a different opinion.

There is an old unflattering adage at what is now WLCC:  Professors who try to get out get out, and those who can’t stay.  Those who can’t are running the insane asylum.  After all, how can one not draw that conclusion when the professors who can’t get out call those profs who disagree with them “assholes” and “scumbags” to their students in class!

Donald Trump’s worst insults are mild compared to the “brood of vipers” on campus, as one said to me recently.

Since Capehart left, the college has lost students precipitously, lost funding, cut the band, cut many majors, including the oldest major of western civilization and the one that Aristotle claimed was the “architectonic” of them all.  WL has become a community college because it has abandoned the liberal arts.  The faculty and its senate are also not all that concerned about corruption as they are now defending at least one administrator who was fined for violating ethics.

But what’s corruption when it’s student tuition and taxpayer monies at stake?  As long as the faculty get’s its largess without having to really work for it, and as long as you toe the political line, all is well.

We renew our request on behalf of the taxpayers of WV:  the legislature should place the college on probation and conduct strict oversight of its operations in the name of good public policy and out of concern for its citizens.  Otherwise, the looming portent on the horizon reads RIP, but maybe, in the end, that’s for the best.  Students should not be subjected to such inferior education that does not really prepare them for life.