It seems more and more professors are openly–in secret–becoming critical of the “college” as the McCullough/Greiner Axis is now alienating faculty who were more or less predisposed to go along to get along.  This week, several professors of some note have told me “off the record” that they are “done with the college” and are “actively looking for work.”  One went so far to say that “the place is no different than under Capehart, in fact, it’s worse.”  In other words, it was better under Capehart than under what exists now (it is difficult to describe just what IT is we have now).  These professors plan to leave the college without notifying their “superiors” until the last minute should they find somewhere to escape.  And let’s be clear, it is seen by them as an escape from a sinking ship.  It’s a bit late in the game to be looking for an academic job, so they have their work cut out for them if they are leaving by the end of Spring semester.

Not that we did not say ad nauseam we told told you so, but we told you so.  What could have happened?

I asked one person nonchalantly how so and so dean was doing, and the response was an emphatic “fuck <insert person’s name here>”  Apparently, this person went on to say, the Deans are cracking down on many academic programs, classes, titles, areas of expertise, and other normal assignments in a top-down reorganization and recalibration of the college. Professors who were doing one job are being “informed” that they will do another job, or teach a different class, or handle a different issue.  There are few faculty in this anecdotal account that are being consulted before hand.  They are being told, or dictated, what to do in their job.  so much for collaboration.  The deans are acting on directions from the new administration. Much of this is going on behind the scenes.

One would think the Faculty Senate would scream bloody murder, but they got the person they wanted in the chair of the Axis, and to complain now will lose them even more community support–actually, the community in the Ohio Valley despises the faculty at WL so it is unclear to me what they really have to lose.

Another person said to me that “I can’t wait to get out of here.  Everyone hates everyone here.  It’s not good for my health to be around such a dour bunch of assholes.”  And another, “I am suffering as a professor because of all the bullshit going on around here.”  And another, “people always spoke about Capehart like there was some big conspiracy going on.  There is no conspiracy, they are doing it out in the open, and they don’t care!”  Indeed.  Here’s just one example:  the faculty, staff, and Greiner himself have publicly defended an administrator who violated ethics of the state, and was fined.  They openly and proudly defend the unethical behavior of a government employee.  How many more are there?  We have our suspicions of where to look.

Capehart was a great president who was forced out because of a intolerant faculty who wanted to commit a political hit.  This is the result–a new president who is has a history of a dictatorial management style (if we are to believe the faculty in NC), and who has more experience at community colleges than universities.  Said one to me:  “the place is in decline and going backward to a community college.”

Someone added, “sounds like a hell hole.”  And, well, it does.  It was not until later that I thought of Spinal Tap, which today’s post is dedicated.