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“We have two centrist parties right now, and the Democratic Party has become — not as much as the Republicans — but very much the party of corporate America and Wall Street,” said Press, adding, “I think Bernie’s mission is to win the presidency, but also to push the progressive agenda and get the Democratic Party to adopt the progressive agenda.”

Indeed, all of the “Bernie or Bust” voters who talked to Yahoo News said they voted for Obama in 2008 and have been disappointed that his administration has proved not to be sufficiently progressive.

“I voted for him twice, and I respect the man, and I think he was in some ways a splendid president, but he didn’t end the Bush doctrine and the terrible war on terror,” Scolari said of Obama. “In fact, he expanded drone warfare in a way I find shameful and shocking. … He didn’t get Guantánamo closed.”

Kirn, the cinematographer, said he believed he was supporting someone like Sanders when he voted for Obama in 2008.

“We were thinking we were getting what Bernie is,” Kirn said. “Well, he didn’t follow through.”

Moore, the Sanders campaign volunteer, said he has been drawn to a more activist approach since voting for Obama. That attracted him to Sanders — and it’s also why he won’t follow along if Sanders lines up behind Clinton.