It’s only been three months since the story broke that a West Liberty University Employee met the same fate as former president Robin Capehart.  Now March, the Wheeling Intelligencer has discovered something the faculty of WLU has known for months—an administrative employee admitted guilt before the State Ethics Commission and paid a fine.

Where is the facuty senate’s outrage?  They have none.  They apparently do not care that an administrative employee of the school has effectively “stolen time” and used “government property” to run a side business.  While Capehart’s case was similar in a way—he never was really found guilty of anything fiscally damaging to the university—this case does find just that.

In my posts in this series, we have documented the public statements by the faculty, staff, and faculty senate in their outrage that the mere appearance of wrongdoing constitutes the inability to serve.

Well faculty?  What are you waiting for?  Where is your vote of no confidence?  Where is your stand on “principle” against “fiscally irresponsible” administrators?

Worse things loom on the horizon.  The new president goes all Pontius Pilate on the matter.  Despite the FACT that there is now an employee working at WLU who has admitted wrongdoing, President Greiner states,

“This happened prior to my term and is resolved. We have moved forward and will continue to work hard at West Liberty University to provide an excellent education to our students and a supportive workplace to our employees,

How quaint. So you don’t care, essentially, what happened before you came as long as you move forward with excellent (whatever that means) education?  Perhaps you should read the comments of those in the community at the paper.  They think there is now a double standard being applied.  They certainly don’t find the new president’s reaction reassuring.

Some see the Capehart debacle for what it was:  a political hit job by an ideological intolerant faculty.  However, the Board of Governors chose this new president.  Are they OK with this blind eye, and the washing of the hands in something so unethical?

I’m not so sure WLU can provide “excellent” education in such an atmosphere.

The parents, students, and donors should take note of this slow moving train wreck.