Last night a story broke here, that sent a bit of a shockwave through the state of West Virginia.  In essence the legislative auditors have recommended that the ineffective Higher Education Policy Commission be essentially gutted, and the public institutions in the state be given more leeway to raise revenue, and operate with less regulations.

I still need to review the report, since it is not posted at the auditor’s website yet.  However, the necessity to bring the HEPC to heel, is a worthy endeavor.  It has ever been a stringent regulator of the public institutions in the state to operate freely and efficiently.  It has been an obstacle for innovation in the state as well.  Furthermore, it has contributed to the diploma mill present at most of the lesser institutions in the state in its history—especially at WLU.  And finally, it has contributed to the brain drain in the state by funding schools who then do not retain their students—this is especially egregious at places like WVOSM where HEPC has supported giving taxpayer subsidies to the school to future doctors who leave the state almost immediately upon graduation.