In today’s Gazette, we see another WLU administrator has been fined and this time found guilty by the WV Ethics Commission.  There are no calls yet from the WLU faculty senate for a no confidence vote.  We await anxiously for the inevitable gnashing of teeth.  I’m sure its forthcoming since mere claims of ethics violations mean one should resign for the “good of the college” (if we are holding them to their Capehart standard).

Commissioners also imposed a $5,000 fine and ordered reimbursement of $1,339 in investigation costs against former West Liberty University executive director of planning Ron Witt for conducting work as a private real estate agent from his university office during normal work hours.

Witt, who was an agent for Kennan and Kennan Realtors in nearby Wheeling, argued that former West Liberty president Robin Capehart in 2012 had given him permission to engage in part-time real estate work from his campus office.

Capehart resigned as West Liberty president last March, and in June entered into a conciliation agreement with the Ethics Commission, paying $10,000 in fines and costs, for using university resources and employees to benefit his privately owned independent film production company.

Under the agreement, Witt admitted he had violated the Ethic Act’s ban on use of public office for private gain. In addition to the fine and costs, Witt also must complete an ethics training course.

Conciliation agreements are entered into when the Ethics Commission cannot prove its case.