My friend Ben Boychuk recently posted in the Sac Bee here, about his son’s battle with his inability to grow without special medicine.  The issue at hand is that the Affordable Care Act’s requirements left people like my friend Ben without the necessary coverage that they had before the Act’s requirements went into place.

Therefore, Ben and his family need help.  I encourage everyone interested to read his piece in the Bee.  It will give you an idea of how more regulation does not lead to the Public Good.  In the meantime, Ben’s family suffers.

I have known Ben Boychuk for years.  He was and is a tireless journalist and a thoughtful friend.  He married the love of his life, Millie, who I recall him speaking about often before he was finally able convince her in some way to marry him.  It is a rarity in this day and age for two people to meet, and start a family, with such love between them.

For those who want to donate to the Growth Fund—a legitimate fund dedicated to getting Ben’s son the medicine he needs—please visit the Benjamin Boychuk’s Growth Fund here.