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So I predicted to a certain University President that Obama would win the election despite (at the time) the trends to Romney.

President Obama

Rasmussen has the race in a statistical tie. The race will likely hinge on these battlegrounds:

Colorado, Florida, Iowa, NevadaNew HampshireOhio,Virginia and Wisconsin.

Real Clear Politics is the place to find the latest polls.  Judging from them, the race is too close to call.  But in all the polls, Obama has always had a slight lead.  Romney really has not broke out over the top.

Obama looks pretty reliably up in Ohio, and for me that spells game over for Romney. We could have the oddity of Romney getting the popular but losing the electoral.  Most polls, including the one listed at Politico have a virtual tie.  With no one getting really above the 50% threshold, this could be a long night.  Unless people break hard one way or another, it could be close indeed.

Regardless, my prediction is Obama pulls this out and will be re-elected.