The Leo Strauss Center’s conference on “Leo Strauss as Teacher” concluded on Saturday evening. I was held on the beautiful University of Chicago campus.  The event was a success that there were not enough spaces for all who wanted to attend.  A job well done goes to Nathan Tarcov, Stephen Gregory, as well as the students who assisted.

For those who do not know, Strauss is likely one of the most important teachers of the 20th century.  His career spanned from the New School, to Chicago, to Claremont, to St. John’s.  Strauss’s legacy is reflected in the scholarship of his students, but also in the changed political science discipline.  Strauss was one of the only professors in America who resurrected a serious consideration of the Ancients.  The Ancients represent the most serious challenge to moderns.  Speaking only of Strauss as a teacher, his method of a close study of the text was perhaps novel, but there is no doubt as to the wisdom in doing such.