In Friday’s WSJ, there was this piece on the financial lows and highs of the music tour.  Last year, touring was down–people did not go to concerts much.  But, as a sign of better times ahead, the WSJ mentions Coachella, which sold out this year in six days.  There is a problem with this analogy–Coachella is no mainstream music festival.  It also was a huge event last year when supposedly the music touring business was in a lull.  Coachella is an indie destination on the West Coast.  Coachella’s strength is not likely to translate into mainstream revenue for established, and mainstream acts.  Sure some bands or acts may make money on the mainstream side, but Coachella is a different beast from mainstream terrestrial radio, just as SXSW is a different beast from mainstream country.

So, the question has to be why is Coachella so popular?  Could it be because the music is simply….better?  I have several friends attending this year.  Will send along reports should I receive any.  You can check out Coachella here.  Also, look for the app at the Apple app store.