What is a man?  Several books are on the market trying to decipher that question.  The WSJ printed a round-up of some of the latest in the weekend edition.  Many of these books are about how women actually rule the roost.  One of the most interesting to be is this one:

“How to Be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman” (Rizzoli). Mr. O’Brien’s impressive and varied resume (editor at Interview, style columnist for GQ, creative director of advertising for Barneys), makes him the perfect wingman to the 21st-century guy.

He divides his instructional guide into simple chapters including “How to Drink” (“If you’re going to swig heavily…don’t send emails, leave phone messages, or go on eBay”); “How to Fight Like a Man” (“consider the cold cock as a way of saving everyone time and blood loss”) and “Man Is a Fur-Bearing Mammal,” in which Mr. O’Brien writes of plucking his first nipple hair (“The horror!”) at age 12. The author’s book jacket features an aloof aesthete wearing a windowpane-patterned suit standing atop a dead grizzly. On one hand he wears a boxing glove, and in the other is a glass of red vino. Today’s man has split-personality disorder.

To order the book, see Amazon here.  This book is about style.  There is a reaction against the more trendy “fashion” in the world, and O’Brien understands this since he wrote for such magazines as GQ.  But, even GQ could praise trend.  Regardless, men need toknow how to throw elegant parties apparently, and they also need to know how throw a cocktail party as well-vulgarity need not apply.