Yesterday, Wisconsin Senate Republicans (as the Democrat representatives remain abroad) stripped positive law collective bargaining from public unions. The Senate majority leader explained the action yesterday.  Today, the Assembly will take up the bill.  In response, last night, people entered the state house through an open window, overwhelming state police by the numbers Ann Althouse continues the great coverage of these events).  It makes for a contentious election season and the choice for Wisconsin voters is pretty clear.  There is also some plausibility that the vote last night broke open meeting laws; the protestors last night, though, violated a court order by entering the house.  These events over the last few days sets up a now very important election for state supreme court where the Republicans hold a one vote majority.

Walker, for his part, believes that collective bargaining is a fiscal issue.  For the most part, he is correct–collective bargaining has a cost; unions cost more than non-unions.  It is up to Walker to make the case that banning collective bargaining for public unions is necessary for budget balancing.