As noted here, custom tailors are experiencing a boom–even in Saville Row.  The market is a funny thing.  In a time of economic downturn and austerity, expensive custom suits are experiencing a boom!?!  Yep:

Business is thriving as well on London’s Savile Row, where an average of 10,000 hand-made garments are sold every year. The Row has seen a steady increase in business in the past five years despite the economic downturn. In 2010, order books swelled more than 10% from 2009, says Mark Henderson, founder and chairman of Savile Row Bespoke, a group of 14 companies formed to protect and promote the art of hand-crafted tailoring on Savile Row.

Mr. Henderson said he’s convinced the recession has made people question the true value of things. “People have started to look for real quality,” he says.

It’s an opinion shared by Simon Cundey, owner and director of Henry Poole, the first firm to open on the Row. “Customers like to see where things come from, how their suits are cut and sewed, in the exact same way they have come to appreciate seeing the kitchen of the restaurant,” he says.