Seems like every time I leave town, something big happens.  Mubarak stepped down today.  I have been meaning to post this story for days though.  It strikes at those who say the revolution is not tolerant:

On Friday, the holy day for Islam, Christian protesters in Tahrir Square joined hands to form a protective cordon around their Muslim countrymen so they could pray in safety.

Sunday, the Muslims returned the favor.

They surrounded Christians celebrating Mass in Cairo’s central plaza, ground zero for the secular pro-democracy protests reverberating throughout the Middle East.

“In the name of Jesus and Muhammed, we unify our ranks,” the Rev. Ihab al-Kharat told the crowd in his sermon.

“We will keep protesting until the fall of the tyranny,” he said.

Some of the worshipers began to cry as the congregation sang, “Bless our country, listen to the cries of our hearts.”

Afterward, the crowd of both Muslims and Christians chanted “one hand” – meaning “we are one” – and held up a Koran and a cross.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/02/07/2011-02-07_muslims_turn_out_in_mass.html#ixzz1Di5tkm3d