There is a lot going on across Egypt, and especially in Cairo.  One of my students, who is from Cairo, explained nicely the mood of the country.  This student even travelled to DC to partake in demonstration over the weekend.  At any rate, this student made a couple of important points:  First, the Muslim Brotherhood connection is minimal at best and may be a rouse to get Americans (read the administration) to support Mubarak by radicalizing the opposition.  Second, the revolution is generally middle to affluent and very much pro democracy.  There is also a general sense that the Obama administration has blown its credibility because it did not support the protests early, and is only now backing away from Mubarak.  Too little.  Too late.  The WSJ seems to echo some of this assessment.

The Atlantic continues its live blogging, Ross Douthat posts at NYT a sober, if not negative, assessment of popular revolutions in Egypt.

Below, some video from Friday: