The center-left WaPo has chimed in on last night’s speech, and it is disappointed.  Part of the problem is the deficit and the failure to not only admit the looming problem, but propose to do anything serious about it.  WaPo snip:

Now that bipartisan commission has reported, but Mr. Obama didn’t fully endorse any of its recommendations. To the contrary, he promised more jobs for teachers and construction workers. He warned against “slashing” Social Security benefits. Corporate tax reform is fine, but if it’s revenue-neutral, it only postpones – and makes more politically difficult – the task of narrowing the nation’s deficit.

It gets worse.  The CBO now reports deficits are going to increase.  Nothing Obama proposed last night will make a dent in the spending problem the federal government has undertaken the last 4 or more years.

Obama had an opportunity to set the tone for the campaign in 2012 to put the advantage back in his corner. However, he failed to speak to the voters who are concerned with spending and the deficit.  That does not seal defeat, but it does make the path to victory more opaque.