Tonight President Obama takes to the stage to deliver SOTU.  It comes with come good news–a trend that has been occurring for the last few weeks.  Obama’s numbers have improved dramatically, and the bounce in his favor is real.  Rasmussen reports:

We are going to spend the next two years (as it looks at the moment) in a nebulous period of flux.  Obama will be tacking right tonight, and the Republicans will be criticizing him for more proposed spending that doesn’t work.  The base of the Democratic party is going to be left out in the cold a bit.  This may mean Obama is strengthening his position for 2012, or it could be much ado about nothing before another electoral coalition crash.

Baseball Crank has a nice little post on how Obama’s fortunes are not like those of 1996.   Whether it comes to money issues, the economy, the Senate (the Dems still hold it thus making for a nice Republican advantage electorally), Obamacare, or even the fact Obama is no Clinton, these all favor the Republicans.  The real weakness of the Republicans for 2012 is that they really do not have a seasoned face anyone can get excited over.  Those who do excite the base are young guns–but they are too green.

Tonight Obama may lay the groundwork for his comeback.  Look for the -4 to shrink further in the next couple of days.