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Today, the Republicans officially took control of the House. One of the first things on their agenda in the next few days is to repeal the health care bill signed into law during the last Congress. One place you will be able to follow some of what will be going on is at the House Rules Committee website.  Here is the text of the repeal bill.  Just to let you know he’s serious, Speaker Boehner has already cut the cost of government.

RCP has a nice web page with all the information you could want on the incoming freshman class–which is the largest in 60 years–here.  W. Va.’s own McKinley is on the list.  The influx of new representatives on the Republican side has made the Republicans the younger party (at around 55), and the Democrats are the party of the “old” (at around 60).

Rassmussen has more good news for Republicans, as the nation tips into the Republican column for the first time in a long while. Speaking of young, many love the new crop of Republicans, like Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) who also chairs the budget committee.  Below is an example of the type of speech hear from him in the future:

For Republicans, today is as good as it gets.  Governing divides; the Republicans are bound to lose support (as long as the Democrats do not implode) as they move forward.  The election for 2012 is officially on.   Perhaps helping (or not) President Obama’s chances, is his press secretary is moving on to dedicate himself to the 2012 campaign.