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Who knew?  The Don Draper of American politics is one emotional guy.  He cries, and cries a lot apparently:

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What can we say about crying that this video does not address?

The 1970s are a long distant memory these days. When a politician wept in public it destroyed his chances. When Michael Dukakis went to the other extreme, it destroyed his chances to be elected. Jesus famously wept; Socrates never wept (that we know anyway).

Perhaps it is the reason for the weeping? The problem with that is who would not cut a politician, like Muskie, some slack for getting emotional about his wife? A manly episode in weeping comes from Scipio Africanus. Upon the defeat of Carthage, Scipio weeps because he is witness of the pinnacle of Roman power.  Rome would never be as strong, and it would be in slow decline from that point on.  Scipio is weeping for his country for what befell Carthage will be visited on Rome one day.  He foresees the fall of Rome and the softening of said empire.

Boehner’s weeping is over the American Dream.  It is difficult to decipher why he cries over it.  Does he consider the American Dream fading?  Does he believe it is an idea worthy of emotional expression?  It is difficult to know for sure in this clip.  But, Boehner describes himself as an emotional man.