We continue our look at the history and development of the alt country genre. The Cowboy Junkies have been around for a very long time–back to the 80s. They cross over into other genres, but I have always considered them one of the most influential bands on the alt country scene. As usual, we allow the music to do the talking.

Lots of angst an challenges to the institution of marriage. Ring on a sill:

False love, redemption, and escape: The Junkies sing about that cleansing water from the South:

This is one of my favorite Junkies songs: A Horse in the Country. More angst, and a mistake of marrying too young:

Angst? Sun Comes Up–and we feel good about it….or do we?

Cowboy Junkies is still on the scene. The band has gone places we hoped Jason & the Scorchers would go (and the Long Ryders too). But, the Junkies represent a nice bridge and a nice alt country representation of the creativity and art of country music. They are far and above one of the most influential alt country bands, after Gram Parsons and the Burritos. Their brooding sound is both rock and country. Only they could have come up with this sound, and these lyrics. All Hail the Junkies.