According to Jay Cost, the coalition that was present in the Bush 2 era is back–at least for the time being.  As I still catch upon the post November 2nd election, this essay by Cost 4 days later is interesting.  The portents for Obama do not look favorable:

The exit polls indicate that voters were dissatisfied with the way Washington has done business since Barack Obama became president. Dissatisfaction was not limited to the sluggish pace of economic recovery. Voters also disapproved of the health care bill, the stimulus package, and the level of deficit spending; they expressed a sense that government has become too big and too intrusive.

More than half of all voters said that President Obama’s policies will “hurt the country,” and the general impression left by the reams of exit poll cross tabs is that in 2010, the American people agree with Ronald Reagan’s declaration, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” Despite their disapproval of the Republican party, voters disliked the Democratic party enough to give the GOP another chance.

It is not all rosy for the Republicans, as the coalition is broad, but not too deep.  Read the whole post.