Here is your Alt Country music posting for the weekend!  We just looked at the country rock influence.  Now we look at a more rock, or punk country, influence to alt country.  Jason & the Scorchers were a 1980s band.  They represent a cow punk version of alt country.  This is one of those times when the music and the band members should do the talking. I will say one thing:  there was a sense that the Scorchers would change the face of everything and we would finally realize a more original, less cookie-cutter version of Americana.  It failed, and for whatever reason, the genre was stuck as the favorite of a very few who looked back and hoped to realize one day what Parsons and the Byrds began.  Jason and the Scorchers were vital, though, in moving alt country to the next level.  And their influence over the years has only grown.  This is why they are important.  They pushed the envelope for sure, especially when country rock died a spectacular death at the hands of the Eagles.

At any rate, Enjoy!

Sweet Marie

Ball & Chain

Nudie (Suits) Memorial and Interview:

When Angels Cry:

From Farm Aid, 1986–wasn’t this a Waylon Jennings song?:

Not the 1980s, but classic Scorchers:

Scorchers Interview (1989) and give a shout to ZZ Top, and punk: