Things have not been going well for Governor Manchin in his Senate race against John Raese.  Yesterday, RCP reported that Manchin said he would only repeal part of the health care bill–this despite the fact that well over 60% of West Virginians want the entire thing repealed.  But, then, in the same story, Manchin said this:

Pressed on his support for repeal, Manchin clarified that he favored “repealing the things that are bad in that bill.” He ticked off a list of reforms in the law that he supports and asserted there is broad agreement in both parties for many of them. “Can’t you keep that as a good base?” he said, adding, “It’s a great bill.” He emphasized that he’s not calling for wholesale repeal and just wants to roll back parts of it but said, “You do need to.”

So, on the one hand he says that he would like to repeal part of the bill, but on the other hand, he says it was a “great bill.”  The national mood over the bill, and the process of passage, has left a significant majority of the voters ready to give the Republicans another chance at exercising power.

It seems that the W. Va. voters are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with Manchin.  Rasmussen released a poll today that shows Raese now leading Manchin by two points.  This is the second poll in a row showing Raese with a lead.  Thus, though within the margin of error, it looks like Raese is a serious contender, and has to be the odds on favorite to win as we head into the last 4 weeks of campaigning.