The video that has gone viral has generated a bit of commentary.  Below I have posted the full (as far as possible on you tube) question and answer of the exchange. In the first video go to about 7:45 for the question and most of the answer.

In the response, Obama does not sound good, nor does he sound like he even understood her question. Without a prompter, Obama does not speak well. His delivery is very choppy and that makes him sound like he is not transparent–he sounds like he is being too careful, but that he cannot grasp the words fast enough to respond to an unexpected question.

His answer is also “more government.” As a matter of generality, the more Obama defends his policies, the more the electorate will turn off. His answer does not answer her question and is piecemeal in its offering of government programs–that he admits may not help her specific situation. In the final analysis, this is a poor answer to real problems facing the country. That will be the impression from this answer. Further, Obama states some of the regulations that the government has put into place (prohibiting insurance companies from dropping patients, regulations on financial markets, etc). The problem is that people seem to understand all these regulations are costing them a lot of money in taxes and premiums, while lowering quality in the case of health care.

In the end, he failed to give her a straight answer and he defended the policies that make her anxious in the present. This is what makes Obama so unpopular right now. He is defending policies the public does not want and deem harmful to them personally, as well as the country. The more Obama promotes his policies publicly, the more unpopular he will become.  After the exchange, the lady who confronted the President said she was disappointed.  Again, this is not a good sign for him as we move toward 2012.  The lower he goes in approval and trust, the more tempting it will be for another Democrat to forge a challenge.