It is with great sadness I learned one of the Tour greats, Laurent Fignon, died of cancer today at 50.  He won the Tour twice.  His great rival was Greg Lemond.  Lemond beat Fignon by 9 seconds in 1989 in one of the most thrilling Tours of my lifetime.

Fignon was called the professor, not because he was one, but because he looked the part.  He ended 2 Tours with the Maillot Jaune.  For that he is considered one of the best Tour riders of all time.  Because he was talented at riding the time-trail, he was able to pull ahead of the other contenders.  Greg Lemond, and the Badger paid tribute to him today, and he deserves it.

Fignon had cancer of the intestine.  He was into treatment in June of 2009.  However, it spread through the rest of his body.

RIP Professor.