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NBC teamed up with the WSJ to conduct a poll on the Obama presidency.  The results do not bode well for POTUS.  Consider one of the comments noted in the article:

“As a Democrat and as a woman, I am disappointed in him,” said poll respondent Melissa Riner, a 42-year-old law clerk from Mesa, Ariz. Referring to the oil spill, Ms. Riner added, “I don’t think he’s handling it. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything. He just talks.”

This quote adds something to the already poor polls concerning Obama–it is from a member of his own party.  What we are seeing is two general types of disapproval.  The first is from those who never really were disposed to like Obama–Republicans, libertarians, and other assorted independents.  But the second source of discontent, comes from the president’s base, and that means big trouble for him and the party in 2010–and possibly 2012 should the dissatisfaction persist.  The reason is that when a party’s base is not excited about their party candidate, and/or not excited about their party leader, they sit at home and don’t get out to vote.

The negative polling has forced the democrats to spend over 50 million to try to woo the voters back.  It will not likely work if Obama continues to lose the trust of the voters.