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Rassmussen reports that Obama’s negatives are still very high.  In the week I have been gone, POTUS is hovering around the -20% range, though in the last week or two, he has moved to -16%.  Regardless, even with the recent trend in his favor, which we have seen before, it is not good for any president to have negatives so high.  To make matters worse, 45% of Americans blame Obama for the economic woes of the country, not George Bush.  All of this comes after his first Oval Office address.  In other words, it seems a majority of the country is not moved by Obama’s words anymore.

I posited here in May that Obama was vulnerable to the possibility of a challenger in the primary.  If this continues, he may face one–someone like Hillary Clinton perhaps.

It is more than Obama himself, but the Democrat Party as well.  A poll by the PPP (a Democrat polling firm), demonstrates that many in the party are in trouble when linked too closely to Obama.  If Obama endorses a candidate, voters are less likely to vote for that candidate. Incidentally, PP should be commended for posting their results, because they also post some interesting crosstabs of the poll.  With the midterms coming, things look very bad indeed, for the Democrats, and they could very well lose the House in November.

No less than NPR has published a poll that bodes ill for Democrats:

By all accounts, at least at the moment, the Republicans are still riding quite a wave. The House looks likely to go to the Rs in November, and the Senate is definitely in play. Why? As the NPR poll notes, the most vulnerable Republican seats are not as vulnerable, as the Democrat seats.