In a move that is meant to increase revenue, the PA higher ed system is seeking to share degrees between the institutions:

These pilot programs, potentially using software that enables distance learning, would involve degree programs that on individual campuses may be under-enrolled, officials said.

“The idea is not to have the student be campus-bound,” Ms. Ball said Friday. “The focus is to have our students benefit from being part of a system.

“These students will get part of their program or a course offering from faculty that’s on a campus that’s not their [home] campus,” she added.

The idea flows from a systemwide review of scores of undergraduate and graduate programs that have low enrollments on individual campuses.  Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10163/1065130-298.stm#ixzz0r4y0DNKJ

This should come as no surprise. Colleges are hurting across the U.S. One way to save the bricks and mortar is to offer classes that do not tax the infrastructure. Online classes offer low overhead for the higher ed institution. From a student’s perspective, it is very convenient to take courses online.

Look for more innovations in higher ed as the budget crunch continues.